Lamb, Gnocchi & Aubergine Moussaka

One of the great things about the supermarket I use (mentioned in a previous post) is that their website is full of recipes, many of which create meals that are ready in minutes.  I often find when I’m doing the online shopping that after I buy all the essential bits I have an entry on my list “Dinner bits”.  This is the point where I look out the room, trying to avoid buying the same things that I did last week.  Maybe even make a cup of tea to see if an excellent idea for dinner will pop into my brain as I am filling the kettle…

This moussaka recipe is taken from the Waitrose website, under the “Meals in minutes” section, and is ready in under 40 minutes.  It uses just a handful of ingredients…OK, you would need a pretty big hand to hold all these things, but you get the idea!


Firstly I preheated the oven to 200oC fan.  Then, I fried the lamb until it had turned brown, then added the tomato sauce, gnocchi and 100mls of water (not pictured!).  Let this simmer covered for 5 minutes, then take the lid off and allow it to bubble for 3 minutes.


You then tip the whole mixture into a lasagne dish and place thin slices (about ½cm) of aubergine on top.  Then beat two eggs together and mix with 150mls yoghurt (I might have used a bit more yoghurt than this) and pour over the aubergine.  Then bake it in the oven for 20 minutes.


This is seriously tasty, the gnocchi absorbs the sauce and the tomatoes help to cut through the richness of the lamb.  This is also a good way to get AB (eldest son) to eat aubergine which often doesn’t appeal to children!


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mr b cooks

I'm a stay at home dad who cooks for his family. I'm passionate about preparing healthy food, that is simple and quick to make. My blog aims to share some of these recipes and ideas with you!

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