About me

Hi!  My name is Graham Burgess and I am a full-time Daddy to my two sons, AB (5) and RB (2) and husband to EB (unspecified age!).  One of the most important parts of my job is feeding the boys the right kinds of food, but I know how hard it can be to find time – or indeed the energy – to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals.  I also know that just making the meal can be half the battle, to then have to try to persuade two tired children that they need to try to eat it can seem like a step too far, as well as incredibly disheartening!

I have had absolutely no training in cooking, before I stopped work to look after my boys I worked as a chemistry teacher!  I am self-taught but have always had an interest in food and watching others prepare meals.  As a child I used to enjoy watching “Ready, Steady, Cook!” on the television and was so impressed that people could prepare a meal in twenty minutes – as you will see this approach is reflected in many of the meals I prepare.  The only small difference being that I am not a trained chef…

So I am aiming to bring to you some ideas and hopefully a little inspiration for your family meals.  I’ll be sharing with you some of the food that I have found to be successful when feeding my clan, some of which are my recipes and others borrowed from food writers.

Many thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy my blog.

mr b


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